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What is Craft Beer?
There have been many attempts to define craft beer. Our favourite is from Garret Oliver, Head Brewer of US brewery Brooklyn:


"To me, craft beer is beer brewed by traditional means, with the goal of creating full, complex flavours. It means that the beer has true provenance - it is made just as it appears to be made, without the use of anything of which the brewer would not be proud. Craft beer is never brewed with blandness as a goal. 

That’s the main thing that separates it from mass-market beer, which isn’t supposed to taste great - it is supposed to be sold to the maximum number of people and produced for the lowest possible price. Personally, I’m not sure that the size of the company has anything to do with it."

Garret Oliver (front, with hat), Brooklyn Brewery - New York City, USA

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