Raspberries: The Reason We Love Tulameen!

Raspberries: The Reason We Love Tulameen!

Great News – Thornbridge Tulameen Raspberry Beer Now On Tap At Beera!

Meet Thornbridge Tulameen Raspberry Beer, a delicious and fruity new beer now available at Beera. Tulameen is a delicious ‘kettle sour’ wheat beer, and is absolutely bursting with delicious raspberries! Come and try it today at Beera – Tulameen is available in 300ml and 500ml glasses and 1 litre take-out bottles.

Fruity Tulameen

Tulameen is is a wild beer with a twist. In addition to the souring process using lactobacillus, this wheat beer is then fermented with a German wheat beer yeast strain to add notes of banana and bubble-gum, followed by a huge amount of raspberries are added in maturation. In other words the perfect beer for the summe!r Refreshing, delicious and now on tap at Beera – so come and try some today!

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